Q: Is LED teeth whitening safe?
A: “When manufacturer’s instructions are followed, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide based tooth whitening is safe and effective” – Clifton M. Carey (BA, MS, PhD)
(Carey, C.M. (2014). Tooth whitening: what we now know. Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice, 14, 70-76). Read the article here
*All equipment is dental-grade with all of our products being FDA/CSA and Health Canada compliant.
Q: How old do I need to be to book a session?
A: 14 with parent/guardian approval.
Q: How white will my teeth get?
A: A person’s teeth whiten based on genetics, the natural hue of the teeth, and degree of staining.  A 16% hydrogen peroxide gel is used for all sessions – Results vary amongst individuals (anywhere from 2 to 20 shades lighter on a single treatment).
Q: I have crowns, caps or veneers. Can I still whiten?
A: Yes. Peroxide gel will not damage artificial dental work.
Q: I think I have a cavity. Can I still whiten?
A: If you are experiencing any dental health concerns, we will unfortunately have to send you away until they have been remedied.  Please ensure that you have been receiving regular dental care and that your teeth are healthy for your visit.
Q: How long is the session?
A: Please plan for 90 minutes total time. Initial appointments are a bit longer as they include time for a consent form and any questions you may have.
Q: How long will my results last?
A: While highly dependent on lifestyle (smoker, coffee drinker, etc.), results typically last 3-12 months. We carry a selection of wonderful products to keep your smile whiter, longer (please see the packages page or shop in the SSW store).
Q: How often can I whiten?
A: Every 3 months at most. Once reaching your optimal shade, if you have booked within the last 90 days, out of good conscience we will not be able to schedule you in until that timeframe has passed. It is highly unlikely that you would need to whiten so often, and doing so can be detrimental to the health of your teeth.
Q: I have allergies, do you have pets?
A: Our home is (and has always been) pet-free, smoke-free and carpet-free.
Q: Are you insured and licensed?
A: Yes.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: IN-PERSON payment can be made by either cash or e-transfer.  If you would like to use a credit card, please visit our online store where you can purchase our products or pre-pay a session.
Q: Are gift certificates available?
A: Yes, and they make a wonderful gift!